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The Y is in my vYbe

Updated: Aug 23

Dancer | Choreographer | Coach
Her Y is in her Vybe

We will get along fine if you love humor with a dash of sarcasm. First, I would like to welcome you back to Clique!

Since 2013 Clique Studios has been a creative spot in North Dallas for performing artists to have a safe and creative environment. It's been a beautiful experience sharing my blessings. I will always cherish it. Now, it is time to move forward in a new direction. A direction that will allow me to share what I have collected over the decades building Clique.

I am excited to share my blessings with like-minded people that feel like I do about money, prosperity, and a healthy way of being. I will also share more about the move, my healing journey, and the legacy I want to leave behind. PLEASE... NOTE! I am not a writer, so keyboard warriors take it easy on me. We all are a work in progress, even you.

The good, the bad, and the ugly about starting over is... starting over. I love change; change is GOOD. A fresh start renews the spirit. It only took 3 tries to get our 5013c non-profit status from the IRS during Quarantine. My work is for a good cause; it feels so good to be of service. My grandmother would often say it's better to be of service than to be used like a fool; there is plenty to go around. With that in mind, proceeds earned support charities dear to me.

The bad news is having to let go of what was. Every penny I had went back into the facility. I built each room out one by one; there were 6 rooms of dance space. A lot of sweat equity in that place. The 2021 winter storms flooded the building; more will come later. After paying 1st and last month's rent plus the deposit, I had about a pocket full of cash to make my dreams come true. For the next 7 years, the grind was on to make Clique the spot to be. The ironic part was when the last renovation nail went into the wall, and the entire building flooded (next story with videos). Talk about pain! The devastation was a shock to the core. I fell into a deep, dark place of misdiagnosed and mistreated PTSD. Forced to work through all of it like a {SE} grin zombie CLIQUE-ish Commit 2 Growth, a 5013c Foundation was born.

The situation was not great yet; the relationships I cultivated over the years showed up for me in ways that melted my heart. I am full of gratitude 10 times over; my faith has a glimmer of sparkle. Because of this genuine act of kindness, I am committed to keeping the momentum of giving going. I am proud to announce that we are recognized as a 5013c non-profit IRS-status tax-deductible charity.

Moving on to the ugly truth. Starting over has been difficult, but we did it. Pretending that all is ok is hard. Absorbing "get over it" comments were painful. Hearing the snicker and laughter behind my back hit below the belt. My favorite remark out of them all was, "Never get attached." Hmmm, that comment still puzzles me. Considering the current state of society. How often can anyone say I do what I love and provide for my family while helping others and supporting creative people's dreams? Many of us are pursuing some life fulfillment... love the judgemental innuendo. How could I not get attached to something good for the community, good for the soul, and good for the body? The ugly truth is it took losing everything for me to make a change for the better.... a change that I am ok with being consumed with. The kind of vibe that is utterly euphoric.

Classes are in session and for more information visit

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